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COVID Resources

Covid Self Assessment - To be completed each day before school

Suggested Start of School Parent Checklist

  • Obtain appropriate masks for your students 

  • Make a plan for your children to carry their mask with them at recess (pocket, fanny pack, lanyard etc)

  • Pick up any supplies for your students that you do not want them to share communally (pencil crayons, glue sticks, Kleenex etc)   

  • Ensure your student has a labeled water bottle.  Water fountains will be closed, but students will be able to access the water bottle filling stations 

  • Review COVID safety with your children

  • Review the daily COVID assessment that you will follow with your children each day before school

  • Review the Entry and Exit protocols so you are familiar with pickup and drop off 

  • Ensure that your student has a bag that can carry everything they can bring with them during the day.  Hooks and cubbies will not be used

  • Ensure your child has weather appropriate clothing as many classes will be taking place outside