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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. 

Staff List  

​Position​Staff Member​Social Network

Steven Case

Twitter @meadows_es 
​Vice-Principal​Jo-Dee DuffetTwitter @meadows_es
​Office Staff​C. Nickel and U. Parsons
​Kindergarten L. Jones and A. Goodman​Twitter @JonesGoodman102​​
Kindergarten K. Stanley and S. Sitarz                                             ​Twitter @msstanley21
Kindergarten ​C. Saunders and J. Rolph
Kindergarten J. Herr ​and B. Mcelroy
​Kindergarten ​C. Latford and T. Payne 
​Grade 1S. Bragg​Twitter @sara_bragg
​Grade 1R. Bailey 
​Grade 1​A. Goose Twitter ​@addie_goose 
​Grade 2 J. McDiarmid​​Twitter @jwaughmcdiarmid
Class Website 
​Grade 2G. Semsch
​Twitter @BarbaraGsemsch
​Grade 2/3​R. Crawford
​Grade 3K. Henneberry
​Grade 3T. Davies​Twitter @teachermom44
​Grade 4A. Noble 
​Grade 5​S. Rogerson
​Grade 5C. Sugg
​Grade 6​A. Furch​​Twitter @amy_furch
​Grade 6T. Cave  Twitter @atcave
​Grade 6​J. Greer 
​Grade 7J. Bailey
​Grade 7​T​. Rose
​Grade 7B. McDonald​​Twitter @blairCmcdonald
Class Website 
​Grade 8J.Mellan
​Twitter @JMellan_Wilson
Class Website 
​Grade 8​D. Thomson
​SERT Learning CentreJ. Chenette
​SERT (2, 4, 5) G. Young
​SERT (6-8)​R. Moss
​SERT (K, 1, 3)​M. Gaffoor
​SERT (1-3)​M. Gaffoor​@mrsgaffoor
​Librarian ​M. O'Donal-Cook
​Planning Time​S. Thomas, A. Nobel, D. Critch
​EAJ.Toffen,  L. Haluska, A. Harvey, T. Renz,  C. Greening, A Schrader, K. Kilburn, A. Lemarquand
​Operations Staff​J. Cochrane, M. Franssen