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Pink Shirt Day

Friday, February 23, 2018
Friday, February 23, 2018
Friday, February 23, 2018
On February 28th, students in Canada will celebrate “Pink Shirt Day”. The original Pink Shirt Day was organized by David Shepherd and Travis Price of Nova Scotia, who, in 2007 bought and distributed pink shirts to all of the boys at their school to wear as a protest after a male Grade 9 student at their school, was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.  

We wear pink and participate in a variety of classroom activities on this day to commemorate the character traits of kindness and inclusiveness that those boys showed to their school mate 9 years ago and also to challenge stereotypes.

Even though we celebrate events like "Pink Shirt Day", "International Day of Pink" and "Bullying Awareness Week" during specific times of  the year, it’s important to remember that the message of kindness is one that we need to practice each and every day!

The message behind pink shirt day is that, by wearing a pink shirt, you are saying that you will stand up and not tolerate bullying.  Here is a quote from one of the organizers of the original pink shirt day, Travis who said "I learned that two people can come up with an idea, run with it, and it can do wonders."  Our message to students is to remember this quote...each and every one of our students can make a difference in the actions they choose every day!  Remember, no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted!   

For more information about Pink Shirt Day, check out  The theme this year is cyber bullying and for each #pinkitforward hashtag where you say something nice about someone on social media, $1 will be donated to bullying prevention programs for youth.

Also mark your calendars  for April 11, 2018 marks the International Day of Pink.   This is a day where communities across the country, and across the world, can unite in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobia and all forms of bullying.  For more information about this day, please visit this website
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