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Kiss and Ride

Friday, December 01, 2017
Thursday, December 07, 2017
Thursday, December 07, 2017
​Kiss and ride is meant to be a quick way to drop off or pick up your children.  When running kiss and ride, safety is our biggest priority.  Just a reminder of our kiss and ride procedures.  ​

  • Enter the parking lot and remain on the right-hand side (right of garbage bins) in a single file line​.​  
  • Drive only around the perimeter of the parking lot.  Only school busses and vans or those with special permission (i.e. if a student on crutches) are to enter by turning left to drop students off at the front of the school. ​
  • Pull all the way up to the front of the drop off area (marked by traffic cones) and put car in park. Children should be ready with backpack in hand by the time they get to the front of the dropoff line.
  • Students must exit the vehicle on the passenger side
  • If child is not ready, continue along around the perimeter and join the end of the line as the goal is to keep the line moving safely and efficiently
  • Students must exit the vehicle independently (drivers must remain in the vehicle)
  • Once students are safely on the sidewalk, drivers leave the parking lot following the driveway in front of the school
  • ​Park in lot rows, drop off or pick up anywhere else in the parking lot 
  • Drive between the rows at kiss and ride time 8:50-9:05 (only use the perimeter of the lot)
  • Please do not use the kiss and ride if your child is not independent enough to walk from the car to the gate
  • Walkers, please be sure to walk on the sidewalks and cross at the designated crossing area and  refrain from walking through the middle of the lot 
  • Be sure to use extra caution at all times, especially in the area of the crosswalk.  Follow the instructions of the person/people directing traffic. 
  • If your children are older, we encourage you to drop them off  in an alternate area, out of the heavy trafic in the immediate area of the school and have them walk a few blocks to school.  A great spot is at the back of the school where they can enter near the Emms gate.  
​You can help make  our kiss and ride fast, efficent and safe! 
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