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September 4 Email - Startup Info 4 Email - Startup Info<p>​</p><h2>​Good afternoon Holly Families!</h2><p><a href="">September Startup Plan</a> </p><p>It has been a very busy couple of weeks getting the school ready for our students to return and we are all very excited that the time has finally arrived!</p><p>Attached to this email is our September Startup information which includes the details for picking up and dropping off students.  Please make sure you review the protocols as we need everyone to follow the plan out of respect for other parents. </p><p>In addition to the attachment, we encourage families to review updates on our webpage including the Covid Resources which includes a suggested checklist for parents before school and a link to the Covid Screening.  <a href=""></a></p><p>This afternoon, our teachers will be reaching out to families of students in their classes.  <strong>ONLY students</strong> whose parents participated in the online survey or who followed the directions for enrolling students for face to face learning will be contacted at this time.  Online students will be contacted over the coming weeks. </p><p><strong>Elementary school start date (Kindergarten to Grade 8):</strong></p><ul><li>Students with surnames A-G will attend Tuesday, September 8, 2020</li><li>Students with surnames H-O will join students with the surnames A-G in attending Wednesday, September 9, 2020</li><li>All elementary students will attend Thursday, September 10, 2020</li><li>Junior Kindergarten students will begin attendance on Thursday, September 10, 2020 as previously planned and communicated with parents/guardians</li></ul><p>All students in county class programs (social skills, developmental skills, life skills and autism spectrum disorder) will begin on Tuesday, September 8, and will attend every day.</p><p><strong>Health and safety</strong></p><p>Students in Grade 4 to 8 will be required to wear a face mask while inside the school building. Masks are not required for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3, but are encouraged. Families are encouraged to provide cloth masks for their children that cover the nose and mouth. The SCDSB will provide cloth masks to students who do not have them.</p><p>Each morning, students are required to complete a self-screening assessment prior to attending school. The self-screening tool can be found here: <a href=""></a></p><p><strong>Lunch</strong></p><p>Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home. We ask that parents/guardians report their child's absence as part of our Safe Arrival program.</p><p>Students will remain with their class and eat lunch in the classroom. When possible, lunch may take place outdoors. Students will not be able to leave the school property, so please remember to pack a lunch and a refillable water bottle.</p><p><strong>Remote learning</strong></p><p>Students who are participating in the remote learning program will be contacted by their teacher in the first two weeks of school and classes will begin on Monday, September 21.</p><p><strong>Have an amazing weekend and we will see everyone next week!</strong></p><p><br></p>
Holly Learning From Home Weekly Announcements Learning From Home Weekly Announcements<p><br></p><p>We have started to put together weekly announcments which we hope to be able to send out to classes every Monday Morning.  We will use this page for any links that might be made in the announcements as well as links to the current and past videos.<br></p><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B">June 29th<br></h2><h3><a href="">Announcement Video</a><br></h3><ul><li><a href="">Mrs. Henneberry Reading Charlie McButton</a><br></li><li><a href="">Mrs. Lemarquand Reading Two Dogs</a><br></li><li><a href="">Eric Walters Slide Deck</a><br></li></ul><h2>June 8<br></h2><h3><a href="">Announcement Video (Special Guest Host!!!)</a><br></h3><h2><br></h2><h2>June 1<br></h2><h3><a href="">Announcement Video</a> <br></h3><p><br></p><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B">May 25<br></h2><h3><a href="">Announcement Video</a><br></h3><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B"><br></h2><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B">May 19<br></h2><h3><a href="">Announcement Video</a><br></h3><ul><li><a href="">Kindergarten Team Poem</a><br></li><li><a href="">Mrs. Henneberry Reading "My Principal Lives Next Door"</a><br></li></ul><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B">May 11<br><a href="">Announcements Video</a><br></h2><ul><li><a href="">O Canada Music</a></li><li><a href="" style="text-align:left;color:#0072c6;text-transform:none;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;font-size:13px;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;font-weight:400;text-decoration:none;word-spacing:0px;white-space:normal;orphans:2;">Eric Walters Homepage</a><br></li><li><a href="">Virtual Learning Hub</a><br></li><li><a href="">Mrs. Lemarquand Reading</a><br></li></ul><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B">May 4th<br></h2><p><a href=""></a></p><ul><li><strong style="text-decoration:underline;"></strong><a href="">Ms Cashaback Poster Video</a> <br><br></li></ul><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B">April 27th<br></h2><p><a href=""></a></p><ul><li><p>Listen to the Music - <a href=""></a><br></p></li></ul>
Learning From Home Resources From Home Resources<p>​Ministry of Education Learn at Home Site<br></p><p><span style="background:white;color:green;font-family:"arial",sans-serif;font-size:12pt;"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></span></p><p><br></p>
Barrie Colts Colts<p><img alt="coltsbanner.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/coltsbanner.jpg" style="margin:5px;" />​</p><p>Join Holly Families on March 5th for our annual Barrie Colts game.  <a href="">Tickets are on sale now</a> until February 25th for $21.00.  <br></p><p>We are excited to have the Holly Choir singing the National Anthem to start the game!<br></p>
Pink Shirt Day Shirt Day<p>​<img alt="bully-poster3.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/bully-poster3.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p><p>Holly Meadows recognizes Pink Shirt Day on 26 February 2020.  To help students support this anti bullying initiative, we have made a pink shirt available that enables every student and staff member to committ to making our school Bully Free.</p><p>Shirts can be ordered through our <a href="">Entripy Shop.</a>  While the Pink Shirt logo can be added to any of the items availalbe, the cheapest option is the Jerzees Heavy Cotton which can be found at <a href=""></a></p><p>On the right, you can select the colour (there are two shades of pink) and the design.  If you scroll through the designs, you will get to the full front Bully Free logo.<br></p><p>These shirts are $15.00 each or 11.16 each if you order 3.  <br></p><p>Please keep in mind that ANY pink shirt is encouraged on 26 February, it does not have to be a branded shirt.  The important thing is that we have our students sharing the message that we don't accept bullying at Holly Meadows.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>



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